Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Wairarapa Coastline

Yesterday we were meant to be heading to an airshow.  I'm stoked that with the weather, we decided not to.  We have been in the past, and the planes are pretty much the same every year.  However, the day was not wasted.  We headed out to the South Wairarapa coastline.

We drove to Cape Palliser, where we climbed the 252 steps to the top of the lighthouse.  Talk about steep!  But the view was more than worth it.

Then we headed down to the beach, and collected some kelp for the garden.  There is something so entrancing about watching the ocean.

Then we went to my favourite place in the area- the Fur Seal Colony.  It is so cool that there are still places where we can pull up the car and just be with wild animals in their environment.  The seals kind of just take us in their stride.  They certainly move when you get to close, and they bark if you push your luck, but they are peaceful and wonderful to watch.  They seem to show off for the camera.

Then it was time for dinner, and the Lake Ferry Hotel it is.  Not hot on class or sophistication, what they have is fresh produce served, cooked well, and a laid back atmosphere.  I'm hooked.

Tragically, I don't go to the coast as often as I would like.  I often head to Lake Wairarapa to read or write, or into the Tararua Ranges, but the coast gets left off.  I think maybe it is to keep the experience special, as something to share and enjoy.  Either way, I love the coast.

(Circa January 2010)

Snorkels aplenty!

I am going snorkeling! My new kit arrived the other day, and I did the dishes while wearing it (hardly a big deal as I dressed as Dorothy to mow the lawns, often do naked vacuuming, or pirate themed dusting). My neighbours deserve a medal for bravery. So, back to the snorkeling. To succeed at this I need to be able to swim again. I have now stopped sinking to the bottom of the pool, so that is great. But it still hurts and results in my poor ankle swelling up like the wave in "A perfect storm". (See what I did there.... yep... bad punning!) Hopefully I will be back to full, or better than full, function in December. Yes.... tropical waters, tropical fish, and a nice backtan await. This is one of the true joys of having an underwater camera..... photographing the little fishies......

Snorkeling in Vanuatu earlier this year... my first time snorkeling!

One of my fishy friends whom I played "Jaws" with.... and he nibbled on my toe.


Welcome to Beyond Island Hopping!

Here I hope to blog about my travels and places I have been.  Hopefully this blog will serve to provide a more personal insight to the places I have experienced, rather than my travel writings elsewhere on the web. 

Over time I will move my travel writings from my other blog over to this one, so for the first wee bit, posts may appear completely out of context.

However, here we are, and here we go!