Sunday, March 24, 2013

To Sua Trench - Samoa

The most amazing place we went to in Samoa has to be the To Sua Trench. It literally means 'full'. The trench is a sea-fed cave in the ground... one with a giant ladder to reach the pool below.

The swimming was amazing. The pool was deep, and clear, and simply mind blowing. We could snorkel and watch tiny fish, or just swim, or jump into the water from the platform. I spent time exploring the cave leading to the empty trench. The whole complex was well maintained, and to their credit, well organised.

There was also a sampling of all the wonders Samoa has to offer, from lava fields, to blow holes, to a private beach, tropical plants, and in a pleasant turn of events, a kiosk that sold cold water! Bliss. We even saw bats flying around the trees. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I have been a lax blogger of late.  All to easily I was lured to Tumblr and Pinterest and forgot to blog on getting my stuff from my insurance company.

Anyway... since I last blogged, I was in Samoa.  Beautiful islands, and a great non-touristy escape.  Parts of it were just beyond comparison, and other things left me not wanting to look out the window of my rental car.  But this will follow no doubt.  For now, some images to wet the appetite.  We were there just 3 weeks after Cyclone Evan.... and left before another tropical storm rolled in.