Friday, April 20, 2012

Destination Friday: Anything with a Beach

The weather is cooling here, and as much as I like falling leaves and roaring fires, I miss the beach. I was never much of a beach-bunny growing up, but when I finally learned to swim (about 5 years ago) I found myself loving being near water. The price I pay is sunburn... and a lot of it. But, thank goodness for rash-vests and SPF 80 sunscreen.
A secluded beach off of Va'vau in Tonga
The beach always seems so primal to me, real, and untouched. Living in the country means a trip to the beach is rugged, and isolated, which I love. When traveling beaches remind me of home, because the oceans all touch each other. Every drop of water is a drop closer to home, and all the things I miss, all the things I'd rather forget, and a reminder that we are all only separated by space. People are the same, the world over, we just look different, speak different and have different aspirations. Other than that, we long for home, we seek our own adventures and we carry on carrying on.

So this week, where is your happy place? Link up any travel related post, or just a post that shows where you are happiest. Thanks for reading.

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