Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Things - Giving Hands

The theme is Giving Hands....

Which seems like a silly idea for a travel blog.  However, there are ways of giving while you are on vacation.  Here are some of the different ways we have managed to give in our holidays.

1.  Walk-a-mile

P&O Cruises host a morning walk, culminating in a Walk-a-mile sponsored walk for the Cathy Freeman Trust.  It is a simple way of showing support for a really good charity while meeting great people, and getting in some exercise to make up for all the sitting around on deck in the sun.

2.  Gifts for Children

In our travels we have been to a few really poor places around the Pacific.  We always take simple gifts such as small toys, pencils, and these little dogs folded out of face towels.  We give them away to the children we meet along the way.

3.  Posting to those in need

We happened to find a really tiny school in an island in Vanuatu, and friends of ours knew of another small school in Fiji, both hit by storms.  Taking basic school supplies and leaving them with the teachers is a simple way of making a huge difference in some areas.

4.  Buy local

Rather than purchasing mass-produced items, look for handicrafts or items made in the places you travel.  That way you can be sure that you are helping out the local economy.

5.  Eco-tourism

We always try to find tourist activities that either give back to the environment, or help care for it.  In Lifou we went on a great walk into the forests learning about local flora.  The proceeds from the tour helped to fund research into the plants, preservation of the forests and to keep people in employment.

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