Sunday, November 20, 2011

Caving: Deep Seated Fears Underground

I'm starting this by admitting fully that I have problems with small spaces.  I hate and loathe feeling trapped.  I always need to know the exits, and where the air is coming from.  Odd.  Back at primary school we went caving, and the guide terrified us by talking about cave weta attacks...

So when I had the chance to go caving in Lifou, I was pretty hesitant to say the least.  But, I wanted to do it.  I went off and bought myself a water-proof, shock proof torch to take with me... even though I wasn't told to. 

I was freaking out as we descended.  The air was cooler there, but only just.  It was a tight fit, and heading into the dark was scary.  But, trusty torch in hand, it was okay.

The actual cave system was small, but filled with ancient markings.  It was like burnt hand prints in relief.  However nice the cave turned out to be, I still couldn't wait to get out and go for a swim.  The ocean is a much better size for me....

Descending into the cave system.... not cool... but the air was cooler there.

Stalactites, sadly broken by souvenir hunters

Sweaty and unhappy with the cave.  Dreadlocks looking good though...

Ancient hand print markings, they were awesome
It was stupidly hot, with no sea breeze.... just total humidity.  ARGH!  Tropical weather does not always agree with me.  Most of my photos look glossy... for lack of a better phrase!  But, the caving ended up being great.  Next time I get the chance, I will do it again...

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  1. Looks like a fun trip, but I would be a little creeped out too going down in the small space! Welcome to NOBH and thanks for linking up with us!