Friday, November 4, 2011

Cruising for your Vacation

Last year we made the decision to cruise- and HATED it.  The boat was old, the ship was full, and engine was blown, the cruise was delayed, re-routed and then eventually late back to port.  We had to cancel and re-book our flights home 3 times!   We spent most of the trip feeling stuck at sea for 14 nights!

However, we were given the chance to cruise a second time, and we managed to score BIG-TIME.  We were on a shorter cruise, newer boat, larger ship, but most importantly, we were prepared for what to expect.

Following the first cruise, I had to figure out what the hell I had done wrong to need a vacation after the stress of my holiday!  So, ended up writing a whole swag of Cruise Advice Articles.  The tips definitely helped me to prepare for the second one.... and for some reason, we are now booked in for a third.... and we are bringing my parents, my sister and her 2 young children along....

Here are my cruising advice articles offered in link form.

Advice for Cruising - Choose the right Cruise

This article is all about considering why cruising is a good idea and weighing up whether it is a vacation style suited for you.

Advice for Cruising - Preparing for the Cruise and being onboard

This article is about having booked a cruise already, and making the most of the opportunities on board.  It also has valuable advice about what to pack.

Packing when traveling with a toddler

This article is specifically geared towards first time cruising with young children, what to take along, from clothing to incidental items.

Cruising with the whole family

Fairly self explanatory.

Tips for Cruising in the South Pacific

This article is particularly useful if you are cruising the South Pacific Islands (Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Norfolk, Vanuatu etc).  While I wrote it about P&O ships, all the cruise operators in the area work the same way.

I am unlikely to write and publish too much more about cruising, because it has all been covered really.  But, the links shall remain active and the advice valid.  I will update the articles with new information as I get it.

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