Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I love.....

If it could go wrong, it did. 

That was what Suva was like for me last time I was there.  We couldn't find my husband's relatives.  Our trip into the rainforest was mysteriously rained off.  I had to queue up for change to buy toilet paper for the public loo.  It was stinking hot, and less that 5 minutes from arriving, we were offered drugs.

Not what you want, really.

But, then this happened.  It rained.  All of a sudden the dirty roads and litter filled port became calm.  The temperature dropped, and we found, ironically, the Peace Garden.

The idea that a large group of multi-ethnic women would leave a garden for peace.

And peace came.  From this point on, Suva became one of my favourite places in the world, even with the unemployment, beggars, filth, drugs, solicitation and overpriced internet services ;).

I can't wait to go back.  And this time, we will get into the rainforest.

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