Friday, November 18, 2011

5 Things: Thankfulness

Since the diagnosis a few months ago, I have been thankful for many, many things.

1.  My husband and I can now make priorities out of what we want to do together.  

We have always planned to travel, but we have not done as much as we intended back when we got married.  Hopefully when we get done with Chemo, we will travel to Europe and explore.

2.  Language

I speak English.  While I have tried to learn many languages, none seem to stick very easily.  However, I did speak Sign Language for a time.  There is something that is universal.  Being able to indicate and sign, as well as speak a common language (thanks to the evils of colonisation mindyou...) has got be through interesting travel situations.

3.  Exploration

I love to travel and I am very thankful that while the world may keep building walls and protecting borders, we are still allowed to cross these as travelers and see the real world.

4.  Opportunities

I have been very lucky in my job.  I have been able to travel with my students around the country, showing them what I love the most.  I have also been able to travel the country as part of a leadership development programme, which I was fortunate to be selected for.  I have seen so many stunning and beautiful things, and had the chance to experience so many once-in-a-lifetime activities.

5.  My family

I am most thankful for my family.  They have been there to support me through so much.  I am also so thrilled that I can finally do something to support and share with them, as I am taking them all on an overseas vacation over the Christmas break.  It will be so nice having my parents, sister, niece, nephew and husband with me as we explore the South Pacific.  It will be magical.

My mother preparing for a horse trek in Vanuatu

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  1. Thanks for linking up, Juanamac! I pray that your chemo goes as well as possible and that you get to travel to your heart's desire!